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LED Profiles

Aluminium profiles can easily be fixed on the ceiling, floors, corners inside or outside of the building.The recessed type of LED strip with aluminium profiles can also suitable for lighting selected elements of furniture, such as shelves, drawers or cupboards.Aluminium profiles can be cut to size to fit with the length your stairs, mirror or simply a wall.

Aluminium profiles can be used to create lines of lights. Aluminium profiles like Aluminium Extrusions, Aluminium Channels, LED Profiles, Extrusions, Channels etc are the protective tools for strip lights by acting as a heat sink and keeping them cool. Aluminium profiles are the professional tools which are used for installing linear lightings. These aluminium profiles available in two types- one is recessed and other is surface mounted. Aluminium profiles in Dubai, UAE, available in attractive finishes like milky white or frosted, and functionally beneficial for any given application. Our all aluminium profiles can be cut and prepare according to the lighting strips.

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