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Why do bollard lights make your outdoor lighting essential?

LED bollard lights

Bollard lights mimic poles, a traditional form of outdoor lighting, and are important for improving protection and visibility, but they also provide a decorative aspect to outdoor landscaping. Bollard lights also improve protection during night tie hours and help attain and sustain ADA compliance by keeping walkways, stairwells, and access areas well-lit a perfect way to add elegance and security to outdoor areas. In a range of sizes, shapes, and finishes, bollard lights come and many have useful timing and dimming functions.

Outdoor Area LED Bollard Lights

For outdoor areas, new bollard lights offer long-lasting lighting and are intended to last for years. Bollard lights are usually composed of materials that can readily tolerate prolonged exposure to heat, wind and rain, such as die-cast aluminum, steel, and concrete polymer. For landscape lighting, the longevity of these fixtures makes them perfect. IP65 rated and/or UL listed top-selling bollard lights guarantee fully stable operation and consistent use. Popular bollard light sources range from LED to halogen to incandescent, and from 10% to 100% are entirely dimmable depending on your needs.

In combination with impact-resistant polycarbonate shades with LEDs lasting up to 50,000 hours, common LED bollard lights feature a sturdy cylindrical or square base. These translucent shades protect moisture and debris from the internal lighting system and generate a breeze for regular cleaning and maintenance. Bollard lights with a fixed lantern-style pattern are optimal for decorative paths and garden lighting. These lights shed downwards light and are available, to name a few, in decorative shade finishes such as Natural White/Light Beige, Graphite, Bronze, Brass Acid Rust, and Copper.

Two versions of Bollard lighting come with outside floor lamps and in-ground versions. In-ground bollard lights are the safest choice for pathways, parks, and entryways. These lights can easily be incorporated into existing landscaping and can be moved when needed. Bollard floor lamps are normally anchored in concrete or placed on a concrete foundation, making them suitable for swimming pools and patios. Best-selling LED path lights feature sleek profiles, energy-efficient lighting, wet scores approved by CSA, and glare-free illumination thanks to thick shades of die-formed glass.

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