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More Product Information
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Acrylic Globe Light

A globe lamp is a standard ceiling lamp that has a glass or plastic ball that covers the bulb. Snow globes are delicate spherical plastic ornaments. Take a globe, make a chrome-coloured plastic base and turn it into a beautiful light. The ball is the perfect addition to your kitchen or living room.

Typically, collarless plastic balls are attached to the top of a light pole and attached to a fitter with a clamp, spring or screw. Polycarbonate Light Globes are recommended for places where a more durable Light Globe is required.

The more expensive polycarbonate balls tend to discolor a bit under UV light, but are impact resistant and much more durable. They can endure more abuse than the acrylic light bulb and when dropped, they do not break. Compared to the lightweight Globes made of polycarbonate, acrylic lights have a lower impact resistance and are more likely to chip. If you want to choose a polycarbonate or acrylic light ball for your new light pole, LED Corner can help you.

If you have any questions about LED CORNER’s acrylic globe light balls or would like to select the right ball for your lighting application, please contact our friendly and helpful staff. If you have any problems with any of the acrylic pendants or lights presented here, please call our lighting experts for more information.

You will also find acrylic spherical lamps, acrylic pendants and acrylic balls that can be hung on spheres and lamps in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

Depending on your needs and which look you like most, you can choose from a variety of styles, from milk balls to a full-size globe to an acrylic ball. The specifications of a plastic light ball depend on the position and application of the ball and most style decisions are easy to make. Determine how big your plastic ball should be to fit a particular luminaire and choose between a milk ball or a glass ball depending on what needs we have and which look we like best. Our replacement fluorescent bulbs are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes, so we can choose the perfect lamp to suit your lighting preferences.

For this reason, we offer a wide range of acrylic balls which are in different size and shapes

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