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LED High Bay & Low Bay Light

In industrial and commercial areas, high bay and low bay lighting systems are very common. The choice between the two depends on the area they are installed and the brightness required. Furthermore, choosing one over another will greatly impact the security of your facility and the efficiency of your workplace operations.

There are some variations between high and low bay lighting, which distinguishes and offers an advantage compared with the other.

Between the high and low bay lights are major variations.

  • Their most unusual distinction is the ceiling height of their installation, while high lights vary from low lights.
  • Low lights are ideal for heights below 20 ft, whereas high lights can be used in rooms with a ceiling from the ground of 40 ft.
  • There is also a technological disparity between their lumen output and light direction.
  • Lower lighting would take less light, as it appears to lose less light.
  • In this situation, low-lying lumens have less lumens than high-lying, so they do not have to be as hard.
  • The high lumen production of a high bay light can be due to its larger distance, and must, thus be accounted for, enter critical areas and avoid shadows.
  • The reflector or lens angles will vary on the same note, since different heights need different direction and light positioning.
  • For example, high bay lights take advantage of light reflectors, which ensure that the light stretches down and out in space, despite the length of time it is placed.

A contrast between high bay and low bay lights suggests that the disparity between these is most evident at the height of the ceiling. High deck lights are most helpful for high ceilings, while low deck lights may be used for low deck lights. Their production is also different, since a high bay light requires a higher lumen from a wider distance to lighten it. These lights are however ideal for use in warehouses, factories and generally in open-plan facilities. They will help seamlessly complete the work when they are mounted.

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