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LED Downlights

The small light bulbs, which are loaded within the ceiling so that they glow in the downwards direction, are often well-known as lights and pot lights- LED downlights. In certain areas where you want to obtain general coverage, downlight recessed or LED downlight modules may be mounted.


For these LED lights the most common applications are:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Hallways
  • Living areas
  • Study

Since dimmable LED downlights lack much roof room, recessed spotlights are often employed for enhancing the ambient lighting appearance in offices. A strong 90+ CRI (color rendering index, which allows you to recognize the color as it really is) guarantees that shoppers in apparel shops purchase just the color they see. These lamps are often suited for accent lighting, general lighting and activities of lighting by such great CRI.

Difference between COB & SMD LED lights


  • Normally, COB chips have 9 diodes or more. In addition, COB chips have 1 and 2 circuits, irrespective of the number of diodes. The panel-like appearance of COB LED light, where, on the other hand, SMD light appears as a group of smaller light, is the result of this basic circuit design.
  • COB LED lights are however not ideal for producing light bulbs or color changes because two contacts and 1 circuit only exist. To produce the color shift effect, multiple channel changes are appropriate. Thus, COB LED lights are effective but not in a compact technology for single-color applications.
  • COB is famous for improving lumen and heat efficiency per watt ratios. With a minimum of 80 lumens/watt, COB chips can achieve higher lumens with less energy. It can be present in all sorts of bulbs and apps, such as your handheld telephone flash or dot/shoot camera.


  • Up to three diodes on a single chip can be used for SMD LED Chips, each of them with a single circuit. Each circuit has a cathode and an anode, which results in 2, 4 or 6 chip contacts.
  • The explanation why SMD chips are more flexible than COB is this alignment. A red, green and blue diode can be present in the device. You can conveniently generate any color by changing the output level with the use of these three diodes.
  • SMD chips can output between 50 and 100 lumens per watt, because of their brightness.

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