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LED Grow Light Bulb


Power: 45W
Actual Power: 9W
Voltage : 85-265V
Lumens: 2500-3200lm
Colour: 42R+18B+6IR+6UV+6Warm
Size: 94*98mm

SKU B717-45 Category

Indoor planting of natural plants, ideal for tropical plants, succulent flowers tobacco vegetable seedling lemon trees and all plants that require light, Full Spectrum Led Grow Plant lights may be the perfect option for winter or rainy season. We have a decent price and are delivering advanced quality.

With improved material production, the LED grow light bulb, the heat sink is made of metal aluminium with a finned heat sink feature, can enhance heat dissipation, even though Led Full Spectrum to grow lights continue to be used, does not contribute to elevated temperatures, but does not affect the plants, and improves service life effectively.


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  • Avatar

    Gana Rankin

    Thanks, you LED Corner you saved my plants 

    February 9, 2021
  • Avatar

    Lakisha Mullenix

    Country: UAE

    Got the lamp, the packing was good. The lamp weighs hard, the aluminium radiator is made well. After turning on the third row of LED lights dim the rest, to which the seller replied, that they thought and it’s not a defect. I hope that it will last a long time.

    January 17, 2021