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Number 01 LED Panel Lights in UAE

LED-Panel-Lights application
LED Panel Lights Application

LED Panel Lights is comfortable for residential and commercial projects. LED Panel Lights come in a variety of brightness and wattage. Whether it is your workplace, school, hospital or some other commercial space, when it comes to lighting the room, LED Panel Lights are becoming the new standard.

Built to increase workplace efficiency, these LED Panels are cost-effective and long-lasting. These Panel Lights are available in various sizes and provide a productive ambience with flicker-free white light.

How to install an LED Panel Lights?

There are three ways that you can mount an LED panel:

  • Cable-suspended-mounting
  • Recessed-mounting
  • Surface-mounting

Note that, with various kinds of installing techniques, the panel type can vary.

It is viable to install an LED panel lighting fixture without any assistance. However, before attempting an installation, you must have the necessary knowledge of electrical connections. This is an installation guide that’s going to be useful.

Advantages of using led panel lights

Such LED lights are extremely energy-efficient. This efficiency is achieved because 95 percent of the energy consumed is transformed into light by LED panel lights and only 5 percent of the electricity is lost as heat. This contrasts dramatically with fluorescent panel lights, which convert 95% of the electricity consumed into heat and convert just 5% of the electricity into light.

LED Panel Lights color
LED Panel Lights

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