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Best LED Drivers and power suppliers in UAE

Best LED Drivers and power suppliers in UAE
LED Drivers

An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matching the electrical characteristics of your LED or LED series. There are currently no industry guidelines, so in selecting or designing a driver circuit, it is necessary to consider the electrical characteristics of your LED or array. At a cost-effective price, you can choose from our wrde range of LED drivers.

What is, and how does, an LED driver work?

LED lights run at lower, more accurate voltages than conventional halogen and incandescent lights. Rather than AC (alternating current), they also run on DC ( direct current).

An LED driver is something that transforms 230V AC ‘s incoming mains voltage into DC and lowers the voltage. For LEDs, DC voltage specifications are primarily 12V or 24V DC, which are known as constant voltage. Some LED lights need a constant supply of current that is usually 180mA or 1750 mA.

Most LED drivers have a standard input for mains voltage, but when ordering, the output voltage needs to be specified.

Which LED driver am I going to need?

It relies on what kind of LED light or lights you need to fuel. You will need a constant voltage led driver which has a 12V or 24V DC output if you are powering LED tape.

The driver’s wattage (or size) will be determined by the LED tape’s load or total wattage. This is measured by multiplying the wattage per metre by the length of the LED tape. By adding amplifiers, you can even attach several LED drivers to the same circuit for extra-long runs.

Some LED lights are constant and require a supply of 180ma or 1750ma. Such types of products often need unique voltages, so having them to fit is crucial. If possible, it is easier to use recommended goods from the suppliers, which would have been thoroughly reviewed to work with them.

If you are looking for one and are not sure if it will fit, you need to follow these three rules: Some manufacturers do not provide dimmable constant current LED drivers.

  1. Compare the milliamp rating, which is usually 180ma or 1750ma
  2. Make sure that the driver’s wattage is greater than the overall wattage of the LED lights that are linked to it.
  3. Verify that the voltage is right. There are very weird voltage outputs of constant current LED drivers, some have very large ranges like 2-52 volts, but some are very specific. You need to add the appropriate voltages to make sure they are within the range of the driver when you connect multiple lights to one driver. Please, if in doubt, contact us for advice.

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