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LED Spotlights

Enjoy the well-designed, energy-efficient Bright UK LED lighting that lasts longer than regular and standard lighting. Give your home a longer lasting with a low energy consumption to become a part of your decor and design with our huge collection of spots. provides a wide variety of colors, styles and features, from inclining and spinning spots to a fixed recessed light to make a statement to your room.

In recent years, you have undoubtedly discovered that the halogen lamp you obtain from the favorite hardware shop is no longer available. This is because LED lighting is increasingly launched to the market as an option that is more energy-efficient.

Many calculations and considerations are now different with the transition to LED technologies. You may be concerned, puzzled or disappointed if this is your first time buying LED lights.

Don’t be scared! You can buy a positive and knowledgeable Guided spotlight in no time after reading our four-point guide below.

The LED spotlights are the perfect alternative for the old and unreliable halogen spark lights, always lighter, are often much more energy efficient and usually last about 10 times longer. LED lights stay cold to the touch, meaning they can be used more comfortably.

For certain areas of the house, different color temperatures are a very important alternative. For instance, cooler lamps, so higher color temperatures are extremely common among kitchens and bathrooms, where a decent and powerful source of light is required. On the other side of the Kelvin scale, warmer shades, making it suitable for living and dining rooms where the colors are lower, providing a more relaxed and pleasant feeling.

Are LED’s suitable for bathroom lights?

The spotlights provide lovely illumination in the toilets. They have illumination, located on the ceiling and put over the mirror, which is perfect when rasping or applying mascara: they have no frustrating shadows, thanks to a well-lit mirror! Multi-bulb LED lighting is particularly appropriate over mirrors. As far as humidity security is concerned, mirrors and ceiling flashes typically have IP44 code. But there’s plenty to remember – especially as far as the bathrooms are concerned. The best way to consult an expert is to tell you precisely which IP code you need for your location.

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