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LED Neon Flex Lights

Neon Flex lights are designed specifically to deliver high-quality neon lights necessary for 21st century neon lighting applications. This new neon lights source reduces power consumption while delivering significantly greater lighting functionality and an unrivaled light quality.

Neon Flex is build with a host of applications in both interior and exterior environments. Neon flex crafted with highly advanced technologies that creates better lighing and colors than traditional neon. Neon Flex offer you flexible control over the light schemes and other effects.

A neon tube light is a sealed glass tube with a metal electrode at each end, filled with gases at low pressure. Neon flex lightings with cost effective and energy savings. When high potential of several thousand volts are applied to the electrode, the gas in the tube ionizes causing it to emit coloured light. The colour of the light depends on the gas in the tube. Neon lightings were named for neon, a noble gas which gives off a popular orange light, but other gases and chemicals are used to produce other colours, such as hydrogen (red), helium (yellow), carbon dioxide(white), and mercury (blue).

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