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More Product Information
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LED Sensors 

If you want your driveway or room to be lit, activity sensor lights are a must for protection and safety at night in your house. If you’re not aware of it, movement activates those lights, so that they function well in areas which need no continuous lighting.

The key to purchase your right mark and model is to know what is affordable. The most common styles have been designed to illuminate the areas outside garages and doors. Additional options are used to illuminate potentially unsafe places like footpaths and stairs.


Who is the right match, also decides the position you want to light your motion sensor. You may want a wall or ceiling-match device if you place it in the porch, although there are several advantages of double-headed sensors for lighting in the garage. The stake-style lights are also ideal for walks and other parts of your courtyard.


Consider whether a movement sensor light or battery-powered device would be best for you. In general, hardwired products are harder to install, but battery changes would never be required. Battery-powered units, on the other hand, can be mounted and typically much faster.


You will want to decide how important the design is to you based on the location of your motion sensor light. Some units look like traditional outside lights and complement the esthetics of your house, whilst others are plain and functional.

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