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Solar Flood Light


(6 customer reviews)

Brand :

Power : 200W
Colour : 6500K
Chip : Epistar
Housing : Aluminium
IP Grade : IP65
Lumen : 3300-3900 LM
Dimensions(mm) : 353 * 304 * 90

SKU B309-200SL Category Tag

Product Information

It is an extremely flexible and versatile LED Solution ensure an excellent quality of light,
targeted where is required at the same time allows to decrease the hot spot and improve
the light distribution onto the higher position for building facade

Areas of Application

  • Streets
  • Roadways
  • Parking Lot
  • Pathways
  • Parks
  • Checking Stations
  • Public Areas
  • Gardens
  • Building Facade
  • Signage
  • Hoardings etc


  • Usage of Solar Power saves Energy.
  • Optimized Weight and Size due to Compact Design
  • High Heat Conducting Efficiency, Low Lumens Depreciation, High Light Purity.
  • IP 65 Standard, Free from Water, Dust and Corrosion.
  • Breaking Working Voltage and Constant Flow and Pressure.
  • Environmental Protection, No Pollution of Lead and Hg.
  • The Decorative Effect is Wonderful, the Surface adopted the special process.
  • Instant Start, No Flickering.
  • Very Homogenous Light
  • Long Life Span

6 reviews for Solar Flood Light


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  • Avatar


    this solar light is very good quality!it is very bright!i put it at my backyard all the place are bright. i have two dogs at my backyard when i play with them this light is very good.this light has three modles like 3hr 5hr and8hr it is the sun power so i don’t need the electric it is very good for family!

    December 5, 2020
  • Avatar


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I have been using this solar-powered flood light for almost a week and, so far, it has worked extremely well and exceeded my expectations!I have the light positioned in my shed (which does not have mains power) with the solar panel outside and stuck in the ground using the provided support spike. There is a generous length of cable enabling me to position the panel in a reasonably sunny location. So now when it’s dark I can open the shed door and the light on to illuminate the inside of the thing sufficiently well for me to ferret around. It’s great not to have to mess around in the dark trying to locate a manual switch, especially when I’m carrying stuff to and from the shed or when the weather is cold.The product looks very well made – the solar panel appears to be well sealed against the elements (and it has been out in heavy rain since I installed it) and the light/Photo Cell Sensor unit appears to be equally well made and able to withstand bad weather (although in my case the unit is in a shed).So far I have not encountered any problems and, when needed, the light has always been charged and never failed to come on. Installation was easy (just a question of connecting the solar panel and light unit cables using the weatherproofed plug, positioning both units and then a bit of trial-and-error to choose the best values). The instructions provided are adequate. Service was good – after ordering I received a helpful follow up email from the seller.Overall I’m very pleased and will buy another one if I have a need for another outside light.

    November 19, 2020
  • Avatar


    Not enough light for your long night party? Don’t worry!Use the solar powered street flood light. I just purchased this solar light , it does great job. The illumination is very bright, similar to street light quality. It comes with a remote control can be use where bright light is need, more secure at night. Excellent illuminate works without energy costs.

    November 17, 2020
  • Avatar


    I purchased this light for use in my backyard where I park and do a bit of gardening. I was surprised by the heftiness of light unit. I assume it is due to the weight of the battery. It came with all the tools I needed to mount it on my backyard fence. The cord at 16.5 ft. was just long enough for me to mount the solar panel to my nearby shed. I wish the cord was longer so I could have mounted the panel on my roof where it would have received more sunlight.The light at max setting is fairly bright but the light is more focused than I would have liked. The light turns on every night when it gets dark even after I turn it off it will turn on automatically the next night. The unit gives off a very consistent and stable light. I check up on it sometimes and the light output remains the same throughout the night. I’ve only had the light for a little while but so far so good, I will keep this post up to date if anything happens.

    November 1, 2020
  • Avatar


    Amazing! This thing is absolutely amazing! Very well built. Only issue is that it automatically comes on at dark. I have this at my camp and I would like to be able sit that feature off when I’m not there so the light won’t be on all night when I’m away. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, let me know. Other than that, this thing lights up the entire property!

    April 1, 2020
  • Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Great light. I’ve had my solar light up for over a month now, with no problems what so ever! It has had strong wind, heavy rain and cloudy days since its been installed and it lights up fine every time.I have mounted the light and solar panel on a south facing wall, so it gets the best available charge from the sun. Both the light and solar panel are mounted approximately 10 feet above ground level with the light shining almost directly down. The light is bright with a good spread and easily lights up a two parking space area very well. The light could easily light a larger space by either mounting the light higher up or aiming out from the wall more so is a very useful bit of kit for many applications and could light a small garden with ease. The light was very easy to install, only taking 30 minutes or so.So all in all a good purchase so far as long as it stands the test of time! I have recommended both product and supplier to friends and family.

    March 16, 2020

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