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Wall washers

For decades, Wall washers are used for a little drama in galleries and museums. Hotels use them to give their best rooms a touch of elegance and you can use them in your home in the same manner.

Our sleek and trendy lights give the wall a soft glow, softening the surface and providing a simple but dramatic effect. These solutions provide the best way to concentrate on the unique characteristics of a space.

Wall washing even looks and feels bigger in your room. This is because you highlight the vertical surfaces, and bring the eye to the far corners of the room. They’re great to make a mood. Turn them on and quickly transform an ordinary room into a refined luxury cocoon.

No matter what kind of wall washers you like the LED Corner will help. Our inventory is constantly revised and refilled. We are the largest stock holder for all kind of commercial lights in UAE. We make choosing the right kind of home or property simple for you.

Our trained technicians are here to help you locate and purchase the correct kind of washers for your home or company, so contact us today. This special kind of lighting is the perfect way to do it.

Integrated mood lighting to emphasize the characteristics of your quarters. The look of a room, from white to the color choices that offer life every night, can change entirely from wall washing machines. Those accessories are smartly built to minimize the glare and conceal their light source when they are correctly mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. LED tape helps one to use unbelievably low profile fittings in order to deliver color and light in a room without tremendous uneasiness. You also have the extra advantage of low power consumption and low heat generation.

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